Global Exchange

From brief to completion within a week

Currency exchange provider Global Exchange required 4K commercial-look footage of people using their new kiosks to make foreign exchange transactions for a global credentials presentation.

The brief was to achieve two things:

• Showcase their integration into the new Sydney International Airport

• Create a three-minute video of a transaction to showcase the state of the art digital technology and process

We had three days to prepare the shoot which was during the peak Easter holiday period filming airside and landside at Sydney International Airport. Naturally this required satisfying several layers of security and regulation to ensure the airport was comfortable with the shoot.

The shoot itself consisted of seven locations, with four actors, around 12 extras and seven crew and had to be completed in one day.

We encountered many challenges including difficulties getting crew and actors access through the airport, multiple setups in high-traffic areas, large distances between locations, managing the general public in a live airport – especially challenging for the capture of clean audio.

We were able to complete the shoot and have 4K clips sent to head office in Spain within three days of the completion of shooting.

Our client was thrilled with the result and we continue to have a great working relationship.